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We are so grateful for all of the wonderful clients that we get to work with on a daily basis. Here's just some of what our clients have to say:


Ron & Barbarra | Newburyport, MA

Hi Shannon,
I just wanted to drop you a little note of thanks. After years of being in the rehab business I have found very few contractors as capable, knowledgeable, and helpful as you. We had a very challenging project. A closet at the gable end of the house, with long slanted walls. When you came by, I said if you can really redesign this space to give us more storage area, you’ll get the job. Well low and behold your creativity took over, and yes indeed you came up with a design that created a great deal of extra space. Actually, so much so that I have a small model car collection on one of the additional shelves, and our closet has never looked neater. Nothing sitting on the floor anymore. You were exceptionally easy to work with, and able to satisfy all our requests. And we couldn’t believe how you not only supervised the install, but actually worked side by side with your team to get the project completed in one day. And we didn’t forget how you got extra parts at the store that we requested, and hand-delivered them to our house. You have been super helpful, and we would be delighted to recommend you and use you again on another project in the future.

Chris & George | Beverly, MA

Shannon is both highly professional and a pleasure to work with! She listened closely to our needs and knew just when to offer recommendations. We had a good sense of the organizational challenges that we faced, but weren't always sure about the right solution. Shannon offered us multiple options, but it was never overwhelming. She is very responsive and detail oriented. Our appointments we scheduled and kept, our emails and last-minute questions were answered completely and quickly. We enjoyed working with her on solving our master bedroom closet so much that we had her back for our hallway closet and guest bedroom closets. (A testament of her quality of service - it's easy to offer good service when everything goes according to plan! It's when things don't turn out as expected that you want an experienced professional. In our case, when we hit a snag, not only did Shannon make it right, she did so, so quickly, it was barely noticeable! Just what you want when life is busy!)

Jeff | Salem, MA

We hired Shannon to assist with cleaning out and reorganizing an administrative office. After a brief interview with me about our file-system and the needs of the organization, she quickly was able to “purge” systematically the whole office of old, unnecessary paper. She then reorganized our files and the office in general to reflect the daily and weekly work flow of the staff. What a difference this has made in terms of productivity and overall employee satisfaction. You don’t realize how good she is at what she does until after she has finished her work.

Karen & Pat | Newbury, MA

Shannon and her team organized many aspects of our home including our garage, kitchen pantry, kitchen cabinets, gym area and many other closets throughout the house. Having moved into a new house and unsure of how to utilize our new space, Shannon came in with a vision. Shannon brings a perspective that utilized our space much better and in ways we would never have imagined on our own. They were prompt, organized, quick and really fun to deal with. We would highly recommend the Nested Team.

Elise & Doug | North Andover, MA

Working with Shannon and her team will change your life. I used to wonder if it was even possible to live with peace of mind in a house filled with 4 people, two pets and a tremendous amount of clutter. Now, I know otherwise. We went from chaos to order and couldn't be happier. Shannon started with usduring Covid lockdown when my husband and I were working from home along with our two kids who were attending school remotely. We had also just finished a home renovation and looking for new approaches to organizing our landing zones, coats, shoes and pet areas. After the initial consultation and learning about how we lived as a family, Shannon was able to design an overall organizational plan with creative solutions which suited our lifestyle. Shannon and her team worked with us to sort, purge, donate and install new shelving and systems. Her entire team is dedicated and goes above and beyond, not to mention they are fun, thoughtful and completely trustworthy. Most of our house including our garage, laundry room, closets, kitchen, family room and multiple home offices, is now super organized, categorized and functional. It was a project that was well overdue and one of the most worthwhile investments I ever made.

Julie | Winchester, MA

I cannot say enough great things about Shannon Bessin and Nested! She was asked to outfit a reach-in closet for my teen daughter that was a very awkward space. Shannon totally maximized the storage in this odd closet and came up with terrific solutions for storing various types of items. We had a very interactive design process with Shannon, and she handled all of the ordering, delivery and installation details so that I barely had to think about it once we agreed on the design. She is a super-nice person and very easy to work with. I would definitely hire Shannon again for a closet or organization project.

Elaine | Lynnfield, MA

Shannon is a space goddess! I have, what I thought, was a small master closet. She took inventory of my clothes and the space and we collaborated. Professional, creative and mindful of my budget—I’m thrilled with my new closet—and there’s plenty of room to grow. Highly recommend!

Karen | Melrose, MA

I recently worked with Shannon Bessin on turning small room off the kitchen into a pantry. Shannon came out and measured, and we talked about what I wanted to store in pantry. The plan she sent me was great and filled all my needs. Shannon and her team installed shelves, drawers, my Dyson and wall-mounted baskets in a few hours, and was a pleasure to work with.

Michaela | Middleton, MA

Life is hard, being a mom is hard, being mom that has lost a child is hard…Life got hard! Shannon made life less hard!

When I felt my world becoming too overcrowded and difficult to manage on my own, Shannon came to the rescue. She drove to my home, parked her car, and the minute she stepped out and I saw her face, I knew I was in good hands. Shannon took the time to hear my story, was a shoulder to cry on, understood I was still sad and angry and lost without my firstborn daughter Lola, determined to make my home a happy one again for my second daughter Lucy, and joyous and tired because of our newborn daughter Luna.
Shannon had the ability to work with the thoughts and concerns in my head, walk me through what was important to save and get rid of, figure out what was going to be the best flow to make my little home work for our family. She introduced me to label maker, how to organize on a budge, and most importantly teach me how to edit, it’s ok to edit, and to have breathing room in my home!

Shannon always came to my home prepared with bins, boxes, and ideas! It is because of her, my home is organized, labeled, and makes sense. In doing this and working with Shannon, our family can breath, live, remember and have fun as we continue to grow.

Sue | Winchester, MA

Shannon, you changed my life!! You made my home livable. My favorite place is the kitchen because it’s so organized now because of you!! You turned my boiler room into a welcoming laundry room and storage space for all my seasonal decorations labeled and ready to go. You made decluttering my favorite thing to do. You are so dedicated and reliable. Thank you!!!

Maura | Medford, MA

Thank you, Shannon, for helping this spacially challenged homeowner reconfigure two challenging, reach-in closets in our 1930s home. Shannon is professional, responsive, honest and a delight to work with. She saw through our installation and offered tips about how best to use and organize some difficult spaces. We were thrilled with the results and I would consider using her for other projects.

Moving & Staging

Darren | Boston, MA

Nested Organization and Design was instrumental in helping me pack, unpack, and organize my new condo. After resolving to break the cycle of failing to get my storage life in order, Shannon and her team helped me sift through two storage units of personal belongings that kept building for years. They assisted me in deciding which items to keep or to sell and helped with the removal of unwanted belongings. When it came time to move into my new condo, they unpacked and organized my closets, kitchen cabinets, laundry room, office, and pantry. They were instrumental in helping me move past the frustration and paralysis that had accompanied years of collecting things that were no longer needed.

Christine & Rick | Boxford, MA

A time that we had great anxiety about had finally arrived: downsizing from our 5000 square foot home where we accumulated 24 years of belongings. We engaged Shannon and her Nested staff for the packing and logistics that would be required to move to two new residences, one located in California. Beginning right in the middle of Covid, it was a two-step process, the first to stage the residence for showings, the second to vacate for the new buyers. Our new Buyers insisted on a thirty day close, so the last four weeks was intense. We can honestly say, without Shannon’s assistance, we do not believe we would have made these timelines.

Shannon coordinated all we needed to do to downsize: Packing, Donating, Selling of our furniture, Dumpsters, Loading a POD, Movers, and most importantly, keeping us focused on a deadline. Additionally, we were moving into a condo that needed upgrading. Her services there included construction of storage, office furniture, and new window blinds. We were ready to move in when time ran out.

We are amazed how well this went given the enormous task right during Covid. Shannon and her staff became part of our family for the month preceding the closing. Her vast experience coordinating logistics allows her to come up with a solution for any problem that arises. We are “nested” in our new home, and now look back in awe with what was accomplished with appreciation of Shannon’s assistance to get us here.

Michael | Gloucester, MA and Port St. Lucie, FL

There I was upon the passing of my beloved Wife trying to decide how to sell my house and move to another space. I asked myself “where do I start” and I answered “I have no idea”. I received a referral from my real estate broker and interviewed Shannon. I explained my daunting situation and she said no problem. She started to clean out my house and within four days had it completed 95%. I felt like I was working with the guys on tv who move the “got junk” except I did not even have to point. Shannon also staged the house for sale and then went to work on my new home and what would be needed to bring my move to fruition.

Organized, helpful with an infallible sense of taste and in a timely manner. What I felt to be an overwhelming situation a month before was completed with a smile and it looked better than a showroom and closer to an experienced designer’s work.

Shannon provided me with an illumined light at a very dark time and she did it with kindness and talent. The price was quite acceptable. I would give Shannon and her Company three thumbs up.

Interior Design & Decorating

Stephen | Boston, MA

As a real estate investor, I’m always looking to maximize the money my partners and I put into our properties. We began partnering with Shannon for her interior design services for our house flips and she is remarkable at her craft! She makes life easier for our builders and she has an incredible eye for design. We thoroughly enjoy working with her!

Personal Concierge

Diana and John | Portsmouth, NH; San Francisco, CA; Dallas, TX

When we purchased a second home in New England, we were looking for assistance to unpack and couldn’t have anticipated the tremendous value she would add setting up our new home. Her team worked well beyond an eight hour day for a week unpacking suitcases and countless packages of our purchases for our home. She and her team immediately set about organizing the kitchen, redesigning the pantry and organizing the primary closet. Her organizational skills are phenomenal --- we could never have organized our home as fast and intelligently as Shannon.

She then inventoried the kitchen and purchased everything we would require for any cooking and entertainment needs. She staged our rooms and with each visit added small, beautiful objects to make our house a home. She also designed closet systems for installation in the guest bedrooms.

Our new home is a dream to work and live in thanks to Shannon’s exceptional organizational and design skills. We will be working with her annually to shut down and reopen our home as we enjoy both coasts. Shannon and her team have integrity above reproach and are essential in maintaining our home between visits. We would not have been able to have a summer home in New England without her!!!

Moving and Staging
Interior Design and Decorating
Personal Concierge
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