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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in working with Nested Organization & Design? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions...


You can also visit Our Process page to learn more about working together. Still don't see your question? Feel free to reach out and Contact Us.


Do I have to be home when you’re working in my home?

Typically, no. We’d like you to be part of the Refine portion of our organizing process; however, it’s usually fine if you’re open to communicating via live video, text, or phone. If we are on site for interior decorating services and for example, hanging wall art, we should first work together to determine wall art height unless you'd like to leave it up to us.


In an organizing project, what happens to the items removed from my home or business?

We donate what is donatable to various organizations and human/animal shelters. If there are items you would like us to sell you on your behalf, we can certainly do that. We will discuss how that works in our consultation and it is also detailed our contract. The remainder will be sorted into recycling, shredding, and trash. For a fee, Nested will remove trash by the truckload. If there are large volumes of trash, oversized items, or health-hazardous items, we will recommend a cleanout service or dumpster, which we can schedule with your approval.


How far do you travel for your clients?

While most of our clients are located throughout New England and the Northeast, we are traveling nationwide more and more as we continue to grow.


After an organizing project is completed, what if I can’t keep up with maintaining it?

The success of an organizing project depends not only on a well-thought-out plan and execution by us – the professionals - but also on your commitment to maintain discipline and stick to the systems we’ve implemented. Nested offers monthly and quarterly maintenance organizing sessions to help you stay on top of things. Just ask to get on our maintenance schedule!


What is your relationship with The Container Store?

Shannon has a multi-year partnership with The Container Store (TCS), recognized as an accomplished and successful professional organizer who provides organizing services to The Container Store customers as well as design services for TCS’s four closet systems. The Container Store recommends and refers business to Shannon/Nested. Shannon does not work for The Container Store, nor is Nested limited to only using TCS’s closet systems and general merchandise.


Do you only design closets using The Container Store’s closet systems?

No. In addition to The Container Store’s four closet systems, Shannon also designs full custom walk-ins, dressing rooms, mudrooms, bars, offices, bookcases, and built-ins for builders and finish carpenters/woodworkers to create. If you don’t have a builder or finish carpenter/woodworker in mind, Nested can provide you with referrals.


What is Nested’s approach to organizing?

Nested’s tried and true organizational approach is: Sort, Refine, Purge, Assign, Contain.


Can you replace our current garage shelving, closet rod and shelf, or current storage system, and if so, what is the process?

Great designs solve problems! Most of the time, we can design and install a storage solution that offers you more storage space than you already have while also keeping accessibility and functionality priorities. If there are obstructions to work around, such as ductwork, electrical components, access panels, etc., we’ll do our best to accommodate those.

During our in-person consultation - or as we progress through your organizing project - we’ll discuss layout options, including the possibility of replacing bypass or bifold doors, your style preferences, and the storage system that best suits your needs, budget, and spaces. At that time, Shannon will measure the spaces, inventory the belongings being stored in those spaces and she'll create online designs for you. When you are ready to purchase, Nested will process the order, schedule the delivery and installation as well as install the storage solution and put away all of your belongings in neat and tidy order maximizing the space. This process also includes Nested’s removal of your current storage system, plus wall patching and spot painting as needed.


If my project will require clean-out services, a dumpster, a POD for moving, a finish carpenter/woodworker, a mover, etc., will you arrange those services?

Absolutely, yes! Nested does this regularly for our clients, and we maintain excellent working relationships with these companies


When redesigning my closet and organizing my things, why aren’t you using every ounce of space available in my closet?

The space dictates what we can/can’t do! Unless we are blowing out walls and building a bigger space, we are limited to the space you have. A closet (of any type) should never be more than 80% full. Along with leaving a bit of space to grow, there should be ample standing/walkway space, and one should have enough room to freely access their clothing, shoes, and accessories. Climbing over piles on the floor or grabbing a giant knot of shirts and scarves is not ideal. If the space is creatively designed with your wardrobe inventory in mind and well organized, you should be able to store and access a fair amount of your wardrobe. If the space is tiny or you simply have way too much stuff (we’ll tell you!), there will have to be a sacrifice or two. In that case, your most frequently worn items for the current season should be the most accessible while rotating out the rest seasonally.


Can I keep my current closet rod and shelf or current storage system?

Of course! However, since you’ve hired us for our expertise and guidance, we’d be doing you a disservice if we did not educate you on the storage options that better suit your needs.


When organizing multiple areas in our home, how do you know where to begin?

Every home or business has priority areas; the most frequently used spaces typically take precedence. On occasion, a client would like us to start elsewhere, which is part of our discussion during the in-home consultation.


Are there specific organizing products and storage systems you prefer to work with?

Most definitely! As professionals, we know what works well in certain spaces and for specific needs. We work with these products regularly and know them well. For example, we don’t often install free-standing shelving units with vertical posts on the four corners of the shelving unit. The posts restrict what can be placed on the shelves and what you can slide in between shelving units with horizontal linear footage.


How does your pricing work?

Aside from our consultations and the installation of specific products (garage cabinetry, custom-builds), all of our services are priced at an hourly rate.


Can you work within a budget?

Most projects have budgets so absolutely, we can.

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